Xiaomi Youpin trimer HN1

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Očekivani datum dostave: 28.06.2024 - 06.07.2024

Motor velike brzine
IPX7 vodootporan
Kompaktan i prijenosan
Prekidač osjetljiv na dodir
2 razine kontrole
Napajanje pomoću AAA baterija*
*baterije nisu uključene u paketu

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Xiaomi Youpin trimer HN1


Nema naplate PDV-a na carini, PDV je uključen u cijenu

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  1. A***n

    Everything came, I’ll try, I’ll add.

  2. J***L

    The product is of good quality. More expensive than others but also better. At the moment he cuts well and does his function. I hope it lasts.

  3. Ю***3

    Everything works, battery included. I didn’t check the typesetter for sharpness. Looks good.

  4. A***n

    Read it. The parcel arrived quickly and it seems like the hair does not go off, but they also cut slowly one hair. Here I realized who was so lucky. Even visible from the box, not the original) and not even a sub-brand, a fake fake. Although the box itself was sealed in a flake, the trimmer itself was dirty and in dust, as if lying somewhere under the conveyor. If anyone is interested, listen to the buzz in the ears or nose from 5-10 minutes then norms;)

  5. A***v

    The case is metal, made soundly. It is not very convenient to disassemble the knives to clean. It is not clear how to remove the metal plate more accurately.

  6. A***n

    Super trimmer. Delivery 3 days.
    The battery is already included.

  7. R***r

    Everything works. weak, but I needed it so that I could finish those places where the other simply does not reach and cannot hook to shave to the end.

  8. M***o

    The mine came to Ukraine for the maizhe. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry to cope, I’m not in my breath, I’m still quiet. I buy the spoof, and I take it, for my tsyna it’s a monster trimer. I recommend it.

  9. A***n

    I liked it. Battery included. Hair does not twitch. Looks solid.

  10. M***o

    On the Whiglyad of the akisni materials, the package is not covered, I will not say about the same robot to the annex. Low-back, that one like the image of the shield, ale, do you want to do this?

  11. R***r

    Everything is clear

  12. I***h

    I will describe everything.
    Raju product and seller.

  13. o***o

    Good stuff while it works

  14. A***o

    As picture, battery included, works

  15. M***V

    Excellent Trimmer👍, It is better to choose black, it is more expensive, but the metal body and the speed of revolutions are greater.🤘☮️✌️🇺🇦💛💙

  16. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The trimmer is not bad. Not the most powerful, but sufficient.
    R sleep SV alien burn in hell

  17. S***v

    Cut normally

  18. V***a

    High quality. I would recommend it to anyone.

  19. S***k

    Works perfectly, found no flaws. Delivered to Ukraine in 3 weeks.

  20. S***v

    After watching the little trimer, the little Garno, the ale hairs are not in sight, the knives are too short to wigout, the batteries did not bun in my sets

  21. D***v

    Not bad, quality Assembly

  22. A***y

    nice product cuts very good
    fast shipping

  23. A***n

    Well, it’s great, it’s comfortable, it works well, it’s better than analog

  24. В***ч

    Excellent trimmer, gently shave hair without pulling, battery included)

  25. П***ч

    Works. Good looking, pretty packed.

  26. N***k

    Pratsyu, recommend

  27. Elektronik HR Shopper

    excellent product and seller

  28. К***ч

    Very fast delivery, nowhere even crumpled, works great!

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