Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro

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Najniža cijena u zadnjih 30 dana: 115,00 
Cijena: 99,97 

Fit meets fashion
Masivni 1.74″ pravokutni AMOLED zaslon
Lagani dizajn od 22.5g
Tanko tijelo od 9.99mm
Potpuno nova struktura za brzo otpuštanje s metalnim okvirom
Trajanje baterije do 14 dana
Otpornost na vodu od 5ATM
Nadograđeno sveobuhvatno praćenje zdravlja
Podržava 150+ sportskih načina
Ugrađeni GNSS

Očekivani datum dostave: 31.05.2024 - 10.06.2024
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Nema naplate PDV-a na carini, PDV je uključen u cijenu, Proizvod se šalje iz EU skladišta

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  1. A***n

    Amazing watch, battery last many days and its not so heavy on the wrist. Highly recommended to everyone

  2. А***ч

    Watch is super!!! I recommend the seller!! Fast delivery!! whole package, thank you very much!

  3. G***n


  4. L***e

    Excellent SmartBand, size, quality and functions according to announcement. Comfortable bracelets with good fit and super light.
    Formidable seller, super fast delivery.

  5. M***a

    Wonderful product, I liked it quite a lot. Fast delivery. Congratulations!

  6. M***o

    Working perfectly and updating the Strava. Only however is that the additional bracelet does not have the same quality as the original

  7. O***r

    My first day of use. Very beautiful, everything arrived right, the screen is too beautiful, it really looks more like a smartwatch than a band. I’m happy with the purchase

  8. c***a

    The product arrived fast. I had no problems. Is the Mi Band 8 pro global version.

    Product quality is worth the amount paid. I also recommend the seller for shipping speed.

  9. A***s

    Better than I imagined.

  10. R***i

    Everything arrived right, box did not come crumpled, now it is open and test to see it on.

  11. d***e

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  12. S***a

    The product has been as described in detail. The problem is that the package is not good. The box is damaged, but the product does not affect anything. I bought a very cheap 1300, a little better price than other places. The shop does not answer any chat at all. but the product was delivered to Thailand in 6-7 days, considered very fast shipping

  13. R***e

    Arrived fast, he is very beautiful, I am in love! Best purchase I made! Recommend!

  14. S***o

    100% original, bought during the Spring Festival and saved € 15 compared to the Italian Store and 25 compared to Amazon.

  15. L***k

    Arrived right according to the announcement. Excellent original product and of great quality! I highly recommend this seller and watch.
    Thank you very much for sending it right!

  16. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Arrived fast. The only problem I had is that they sent the extra bracelet in the wrong color, now I have 2 bracelets of the same color… At least they sent the right film, since I saw many comments that the wrong model arrived.

  17. K***s

    The delivery was very fast and the quality excellent, as well as being beautiful this Mi Band 8 Pro.

  18. j***r

    Global version original product. Sealed and with serial number checked on Xiaomi’s official website. Purchase below the real 250 and very low tax value (50-70 reais) recommend!

  19. C***g

    Good quality watch, does everything very well. Use it for sports tracking, sleep tracking and quickly seeing notifications. Battery lasts around 5 days or so

  20. P***k

    Excellent quality and very fast shipping. Thank you very much.

  21. C***h

    The parcel arrived within the specified time. Packed in a parcel bag with a pouch. After inspection no defects and no damage was found. The watch looks stylish and looks good on the hand. After connecting to the charging cable turned on. I didn’t buy it for myself, so I didn’t adjust it. Very good oleophobic coating on the glass. The strap is soft with a special mount to the body. Satisfied with the product. I recommend the seller!!!

  22. R***i

    Everything arrived right and well packed, none dased in the box.

  23. A***o

    Tripping 08.04.2024
    Auto yaskravish good.
    Sensors such as bilsh-Mensh are good.
    Genialne rishennya for the pretzilnyi remintsya: having married the metal and scobi PID zvychayna godinnikovy spring by 20 T 22mm. Tobto, you can put an absolutely loving remit. Make a manual robot. Tse straight Bravo.

    Before the seller’s claim: everything is shvidko. Promptly. On the vistno region. Daughter😌

    Decilko minusiv (on my dawka):
    Yakshchi on shkini get tattoo sensor will not be pratsyuvati. I’ll give a pardon.
    Funccional zanadto is adjacent. Can Bulo and more functionalu. Inclinations.
    Inordinately, the power dial is opened. I need to give you a few faces.

    My Mi Band 3 serving both truth from leaf fell 2018 Rock. I would not have, yakby 1. 2. The experience of the noble music. T, tsyu funcsiu i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

  24. R***i

    I loved the very beautiful screen watch excellent monitoring, you can buy without any fear, I recommend it too much.

  25. B***c

    Great quality product, easy installation and easy handling of the functions of the watch!
    Product arrived very well packed, super indicate the product and the seller!
    Original 100%! Can buy without fear!

  26. M***L

    Very good, it has GPS and the signal is taken right away, an amoled screen that you can see those 60hz, very fluid. It came to Me quickly, recommended.

  27. j***r

    Can buy without fear. Product of extreme quality. It has several functions. I have been with the product for about a week and it is surprising me a lot. The physical activity records using the GPs are so accurate that I used it together (on the same arm) with a garmine and Apple Watch and the values were very much same! That is, product of extreme precision and reliability.

  28. V***o

    Looks good, works also good, sync with the phone via Xiaomi App

  29. t***r

    Everything came right, the extra bracelet I bought is the two films. I paid R$ 264, great price, here in the city I see being sold for R$ 400. It was downloaded, but shortly after I put it to load, it already called, ask to choose the language, I downloaded the app, it was easy to connect and configure. I will see how the battery life will be by my use.

  30. Т***ч

    My first fitness bracelet. So far I like everything.
    It looks faded in the picture, it’s very good

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