Xiaomi NexTool 10 u 1 višenamjenski alat

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Najniža cijena u zadnjih 30 dana: 46,00 
Cijena: 41,97 

Očekivani datum dostave: 07.06.2024 - 17.06.2024

Višenamjenski EDC alat
10 alata u jednom
Veličina samo 6.5cm
Težina 78g
3Cr13 nehrđajući čelik

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Xiaomi NexTool 10 u 1 višenamjenski alat


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  1. V***v

    The size did not live up to the expectation, but it will suit me.
    Be careful.

  2. P***k

    Uncle! All good! Glory to Ukraine! Thank you! Everything is good! Glory to Ukraine!

  3. E***r

    Really great tool, comes super sharp out of the box!

  4. P***v

    Excellent multitool. It’s okay. There is a locking bar on the knife and on the saw. Bag with a defect. Hole cut. The seller’s attention. Five points unambiguous.

  5. R***n

    It’s a great thing. Compact comfortable.

  6. s***s

    It’s good, it’s good

  7. 3***r

    I certainly didn’t have a multi-title that’s very good worth the money

  8. A***o

    High-quality multitool. I order a second time (for a gift). The delivery is fast. Seller recommend!

  9. S***n

    Good quality but very small
    Pliers are more like tweezers.
    Comfortable to bring in your pocket if you disturb

  10. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Quality norms, everything is neat.
    Its money is worth.
    Like a keychain is heavy but in winter you can))

  11. I***n

    Satisfied completely, although I think that the price tag is slightly overstated. Comfortable chair, put it in the backpack, let it roll

  12. I***n

    Great Tul! Nothing is playing, there is lubricant. There are retainers on the saw and knife. Delivery in a couple of days. If you take 2 or more-a good discount. If you pay in the mobile application, then there are also coins for a discount. Ordered 4 pieces, one for myself and 3 for gifts to relatives and friends.

  13. A***a

    cool. Thank you!

  14. S***n

    Very good purchase, the only thing that did not convince me was the scissors, if you make continuous cuts it stays stuck.

  15. Elektronik HR Shopper

    It’s very good

  16. M***M

    At first glance everything is fine. The box has been dented, but it is most likely a delivery of winlwat. The scissors cut well, the knife is sharp, everything else also works properly. Further quality and reliability will show time.
    Did not communicate with the seller, there was no need

  17. f***f

    High quality. Excellent Functionality

  18. d***m

    It’s the best portable. It’s very small and pretty.
    It’s not loose. It is recommended.

  19. A***V

    I bought the second such keychain. The previous one broke down as not strangely-the knife blade retainer broke off. All the clips are quite flimsy-the width of the strip is 3mm, so I pressed the blade a little-and Ku-Ku. But the keychain is great, helped out many times.

  20. I***N

    Judging by the comments, many are sent a mini version instead of the Pro version. In my case, what I ordered came. Luck or not-I don’t know, but I also wrote in the commentary to the order that I need a pro version, I don’t need a mini version /// /// // came a multi-tool tightly wrapped in a bag, opened it, the box from the Tula was not in the film (as was the case with the mini version), And the rope of the bag looked out of the box on both sides. In general, new, clean, bolts are not licked, nothing creaks, etc. Well, only the strange “dirt” that I could not erase (see. Photo), but these are small things. I recommend recording video when unpacking

  21. A***n

    Great multitool for your money! Before buying, I looked at reviews of it, they mentioned the absence of a knife fixer. Resigned himself to it, ordered. So, in this version there is a retainer! Was pleasantly surprised by this fact. In General, I am very satisfied with the purchase, the seller sent the order about one day after the order, it arrived quite quickly. Recommend seller and product!

  22. M***o

    The quality is good, the assembled is great, small, compact, weighty. Delivery from RF fast

  23. D***h


  24. D***v

    In General, I can safely recommend ‘instruments’, I’m not afraid of this word. I have been using for more than a year and almost every day all the functionality. I bite the ties with scissors, I constantly twist or bite something with a knife, I constantly cut something or take off the cable with a knife, the screwdriver gets 20 times every day. During use, nothing was loose, I believe that the bolts on the thread latches.


    Of course they also exist: I will attach to the photo. And perhaps this is the only weak point of this Tula. Metal bursts in the places of layout/fixation. It is fixed normally as before, but now the opener and knife have become much easier to get out of their grooves, but do not fall out. And I understand that it will only miscalculate the design on one side of the product, I use the screwdriver 10 times more often than the rest, but with it everything is OK.

    You have to take it, you will not regret it.

  25. a***v

    Norms, a little expensive

  26. V***O

    Cool multitool! Recommend seller and store!

  27. P***v

    Did not notice that he was small. More like a toy or for teenagers.

  28. I***v

    In general, a good knife. Sharpening is good. The weight is small, compact. The sponge of the pliers broke off, I think because they opened the cabinet door perpendicular to the plane of the sponges.

  29. V***y

    Juge class, Yakish multitool. Important metal, you can see if you can see the hour of the koristuvannya not pidvede

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