Ridstar Q20 električni bicikl

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Brdski električni bicikl | Off-road
Domet na bateriji 50km
150kg nosivost
Sklopiv u cijelosti
Aluminijska rama
1000W motor bez četkica
48V 14Ah uklonjiva litijska baterija
Shimano 7 brzina
Prednji i stražnji amortizer
Multifunkcionalni LCD zaslon
Prednje LED i stražnje reflektivno svjetlo
Prednja i stražnja disk kočnica
Chaoyang 20″*4.0 debele gume
Prednji i zadnji blatobran

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  1. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The bicycle arrived in 6 days, the packaging was very smooth and was relatively fast and easy to complete. Must have some basic knowledge. It is very easy to drive, change and operate, and the engine is so quiet that nothing is heard. They mailed it to Me in PDF format the next day. Perfect bike, I’ll buy my wife another one

  2. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Jag Har Nu åkt Mina första 100 mil på 3 Dagar. Cyklar är Kul. Sadeln Kunde Vara Lite bättre vadderad. Men Jag är ändå helts nöjd. Jag Har Bara använt 50% AV batteriet. Med 1-2 electroniskt stöd Kan du enkelt köra 80 kilometers. Jag Åker den på landsvägar och skogsstigar. I 1:ans växel och E-support 5:ans växel Kan du klättra en Hel del uppförsbackar. Fjädringen och skivbromsarna är inget märkvärimt, one perfekt för cruising. Jag är 1.78 m Lång (80 kg)

  3. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The bike arrived at my house in 4 days! Very well packed, quick to ride and test, this bike is a treat, what a treat! The seller gave me good advice and the response was quick. I seriously recommend this store, you can trust, very good seller

  4. Elektronik HR Shopper

    When the day of the carrier’s budget arrived, the thickness of the cardboard box was slightly crushed but had no effect on the contents, which is not surprising for a c-bike; everything is compatible (model 20AH) and it is necessary to mount. Brake adjustment I realized that the hydraulic circuit did not have a drain screw, it weighed 83kg and the bike was just the size for me, if it were bigger I would have felt ridiculous for one. The power part must be said to be super cool and fun to handle. The bike is very nervous at first and the maximum momentum kicks in as soon as the pedal moves. Idiots are writing motorcycles that hurt when pedaling, but they have. Despite its w, the bike had some problems on the big slopes. My final opinion is that this type of bike is excellent for riding on all terrain, it has excellent motorcycle/bike handling and a unique appearance.

  5. Z***s

    the ebike is wonderful, smooth driving 🏍

  6. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Thanks to the seller for recommending the bicycle. I like it very much. The seller has a very good service attitude and answers all my questions. Thanks to the seller. I recommend it widely.

  7. A***d

    Fast shipping and quality product. Seller was great at kipping me informed of the progress of my order. The bike arrived in very good condition. I am happy to recommend this seller.

  8. Elektronik HR Shopper

    This bike is like a tank! Very interesting electric bike. Given the results you get, I consumed 30% of the battery during a 30 km walk. They’re getting the job done. The brakes work well given the weight of this bike. I am very pleased.

  9. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The bike is really beautiful (better than in the photos) and fits the description exactly. The components seem to be of high quality and you can feel the professional approach to how they were built. As for the maximum speed and cruising range, I have yet to test it. So far I’ve hit 55km/h in assist mode. As promised, delivery to my address took only 7 working days. Thankfully, it came out intact and almost fully assembled with all the tools needed. All accessories (gifts) are there too. The service is great. The seller was very responsible, friendly and helpful from the beginning. I was also advised on the best method of payment as there would be differences depending on the currency chosen. Overall, I believe this is a great bike for the price. And the service is outstanding. highly recommended.

  10. M***y

    I want to keep the how

  11. Elektronik HR Shopper

    very responsive and informative seller. Sent me a video of the bike and also of my specific shipment prior to shipping. product and build quality is high and it seems like it is very sturdy built with a solid frame. really like the removable battery and the choice of chargeport. for improvements I would have liked the display to show voltage concurrent with the battery bar. Also for a bike of this size I think a direct drive hub motor would be a better candidate, to take advantage of regenerative breaking.

  12. d***i

    The bike is beautiful, well made, robust. I took 2 hours to assemble it and I am really satisfied. I try it tomorrow and then I update the feedback.

  13. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Thank you very much to the seller for recommending the 2000w 40ah model to me. An e-bike with two motors can even pull two people up a steep hill without any problems with motor force… When you don’t want to use the battery, just pedal to automatically engage the pedal assist function, This is really awesome. If you don’t want any problems, I recommend using two motors. 😃😃😃👍👍👍❤️

  14. Elektronik HR Shopper

    I have tested the product and it has attracted attention from interested parties. It runs smoothly and accelerates without surprises. Assembly is very easy thanks to the instructions that come with the product. I have ordered from this seller three or four times. I was pleased with his service, shipping, seller response. I would recommend this based on my experience.

  15. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The best bike for the price point. It requires a bit of fixing on assembly but in general, nothing complicated. adjust the battery bases so the batteries can be easily put on and off. it took 2 weeks instead of 1 that was promised but in general very happy with the purchase. good customer support. highly recommended.

  16. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Very receptive and informative seller. You sent Me a video of the bicycle and also my specific shipment before shipment. The product and construction quality are high and it seems to be built very sturdy with a solid frame. I really like the removable battery and the choice of charging port. To improve, I would have liked the screen to show the voltage at the same time as the battery bar. In addition, for a bicycle of this size, I believe that a direct drive hub engine would be a better candidate to take advantage of regenerative braking.

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