Redmi Buds 5

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Najniža cijena u zadnjih 30 dana: 78,00 
Cijena: 58,97 

Očekivani datum dostave: 12.06.2024 - 28.06.2024

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Dinamički driver od 12.4 mm s titanskom dijafragmom
AI smanjenje buke za pozive
Praktično povezivanje s dva uređaja
Aktivno poništavanje buke do 46dB
Do 40h dugo trajanje baterije s kućištem za punjenje

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  1. П***с

    This is not the first time I have taken the goods from the seller. According to the speed of shipment, packaging and configuration everything is clear. Service stickers and hologram authenticity available. Headphones were bought as a gift, so they were not fully opened. Seller good sales.

  2. R***z

    Arrived super fast, about 10 days, noise cancellation works well, very good sound, perfect fit in ear and does not fall, good battery, very good, congratulations to Xiaomi, and the store!!! Here in São Paulo we are happy!!!

  3. З***-

    Item as described. I’m not a little man, I like the sound through headphones.

  4. Н***ч

    Great headphones! Everything works. They connected with the phone immediately. The headphones arrived fully charged. Thanks to the seller.

  5. C***s

    Arrived super fast, original product and a lot of quality, the seller is congratulated👏🏼

  6. Б***ч

    The description is consistent, the noise is working, the sound is excellent

  7. q***u

    Phone arrived well packed, a kind of inflatable plastic very safe even, seller is to be congratulated, the phone in Yes and very good, great bass good treble was very worthwhile guys, you can buy that has a lot of quality!!

  8. R***o

    The item came in a month in excellent condition I bought for 30 dollars and in my country they are worth 55

  9. D***k

    Very good socks headphones small case the headphones themselves are small comfortable in the ears transparent mode works good multipoint for me it is important bass sound just good without frills

  10. L***i

    Totally original product.

    Great sound quality and for the price, passed without fee in the revenue.

    Top too much recommend.
    My last Fone was a blitzwolf anc3 very good quality in comparison.

  11. V***k

    It took 15 days.
    The package is good, the box is not crumpled)
    Having heard non-stop 8 years for the maximum profit and the charge of the 40%🤯👍
    Microfoni good, Chuti no good
    I definitely recommend and tsyna for Taku yakisty Super🔥

  12. R***a

    Great value, for the little I used it I liked it very much, I do not know how the battery will hold during my routine but I think the phone will do well

  13. V***a

    Excellent audio quality, for both songs and connections, good external noise filter, in addition to being a well finished item of good aesthetic quality.

  14. S***a

    Great headphones for not avid Magic Sound lovers. Nice material, good build, no annoying voice when turned on, just a nice beep.

  15. A***y

    High quality phone, very satisfied relatively heavy ffone which is something good as it is not pure plastic. I managed to purchase the phone + tax 170 reais, we do not find something in this quality for the value

  16. L***y

    Great phone, good bass, good treble, mainly loved the noise cancellation was a good evolution compared to Redmi buds 3 Pro, perfect ear fitting.
    I honestly do not see how to spend on a more expensive product, I believe that for an ordinary user it serves perfectly.
    Fast delivery in just 8 days. Very satisfied!

  17. L***e

    Excellent sound, global version, box a little damaged, arrived in 15 days.
    Highly recommended.

  18. N***s

    Am satisfied with the earbuds and the noise cancelling is tops.

  19. j***s

    Arrived before the scheduled date, very well packed, original good quality product

  20. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Great headset. Seller sent fast, less than 24h I had placed the order, it only took 17 days because of the delay of the post office.

  21. J***a

    So far good quality, it fits what you were looking for, they are very comfortable in it

  22. K***l

    This handset is wonderful, the noise suppressor is super efficient and with great audio quality, not to mention that it is fully compact!!

  23. C***e

    Really was not used to noise cancellation, when I put felt different glaring, and the bass really is very good to handset of this level, was looking for bass quality and audio clean. Can go without fear that it is worth investing in them.

  24. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The product came fast seller tafsiiye, the headphones are very good, those who have questions can reach me on Whatsap + 994706266564

  25. B***a

    Shipping took a month. .. But I had to wait.. The headphones are great as specified by the Mi brand. I recommend the seller and hearing aids

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