Mijia sušilo za kosu H101

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Najniža cijena u zadnjih 30 dana: 85,00 
Cijena: 76,97 

15m/s ultra visok protok zraka
50 milijuna negativnih iona
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Očekivani datum dostave: 21.06.2024 - 29.06.2024
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  1. S***o

    Fast delivery track number tracked. packing simple but like all is OK. Good hair dryer. Advise.

  2. N***n

    Not the first product I buy here, everything is on top, very practical, nothing superfluous, my wife really liked it, the price is quality, I recommend it and the seller, a very good

  3. 9***r

    Convenient. Minimalistic. A little bluntly removed rastrub

  4. Elektronik HR Shopper

    100% like pictures, If you chooses US type it’s WORK. ????????

  5. j***r

    I decided to purchase this blowdryer based on all the positive reviews. It did take almost 2 weeks to arrive, but that was well within the promised timeline. This is not a power blowdryer, but the air is effective and ONE big plus is , it’s not overly hot, that it damages hair as much as my old blowdryer. It has 2 settings low and high speed, both warm air and one button to blow cold air. I am satisfied, it works with US power outlet, but the seller also added a power adapter just in case, which is super nice. Thank you. I am satisfied with my purchase

  6. O***n

    Hair dryer priishov through the city of the time.

    American socket. Uncle, in the kit of the seller poklav perehidnik.

    It was packed in a leaf in Chorniy polietilen, and the box was packed in a jar.

    Delivery of bull ukrpochtoyu. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, in the heart of the city.

    The enemy about Feng weed friendship:
    + Plastic on the dotik;
    + Good trimati in the ore;
    + It has a DVD slot, and Sam golovne, with a button, the Yaka is cold;
    + Lead cord;
    + Easy to store, with the ability to brother in high cost;
    + It’s a loop, the head of chomam can turn on the twist and so zberigati;
    + Watch out.

    Short-term Poki shcho do not know))

  7. A***n

    Portable, convenient, foldable. For the house you can be different, but carry with you in the bag perfectly.

  8. I***v

    Excellent hair dryer, hair is not electrified,
    Strong pressure, ultra-fine mesh from hair.

  9. m***r

    Class product, the same!!! Recommend)

  10. A***v

    The fan is compact, the noise of the fan is the same as all hair dryers

  11. E***r


  12. f***f

    Class hair dryer. Priyshvidko. Light, quiet and not hairy. The need to cut in the Russian territory is not a cowzak.

  13. S***v

    The deal was successful. I recommend!

  14. 1***r

    Shipping is fast and good. I bought it for use in the United States, but the plug is a US plug or the voltage is v220. You should go and use it, but it’s not V110.

  15. R***e

    Wife is happy.

  16. 4***r

    A year has passed, the hairdryer is working. Everything is fine

  17. R***r

    Excellent hair dryer, 2 Hot Air modes and one cool. Works everything is excellent, the hair is not dry after the hair dryer, but very soft.

  18. I***g

    Works great. Noisy in moderation. I use a month-everything is OK

  19. V***v

    Great hair dryer

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