Mijia parilica za odjeću

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Vertikalno glačanje koje ne šteti odjeći
Uklanjanje bakterija i grinja
Lagana i prenosiva
1200W snage
30sec zagrijavanja
Glačanje bez kapanja
Rezervoar za vodu od 160ml

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Adapter za napajanje, Korisnički priručnik, Mijia parilica za odjeću, Postolje, Spremnik za vodu, Zaštitna rukavica




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  1. f***f

    Good manual steamer. For a long time I wanted this and did not be disappointed. Comes with a brush, an adapter for marking, a glove

  2. S***e

    I ordered a hair dryer and steamer from this seller. Everything is fine! Before that, he also ordered a vertical vacuum cleaner. It’s fine, too. Everything corresponds to the declared characteristics.

  3. 5***r

    Thank you. The goods in Mo came very quickly. received at the Mail and very worried about the goods. In some reviews, the steamer was broken, I did. Everything is flawlessly packed, but the spoon of the degth is present-this is a plug and adapter for a regular outlet. I went around several stores to find the right adapter. Steamed down the down jacket, normally, the water quickly ends, twice poured. Does not look very reliable. Let’s see.

  4. O***a

    The steamer is just super, the clothes do not spoil as from the iron, quickly heats up for 30 seconds, the water tank is enough for about 2 things. The only thing that the instruction is in Chinese, but the translator in the photo it quickly decides. The box came memorable and opened, but inside everything is sealed and whole) I recommend

  5. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Excellent goods, copes with its tasks. Of course, it will not give perfect smoothness, like an iron, but it is a steamer, not an iron. Light fabrics, especially blouses and shirts smoothes perfectly. Doesn’t spit. Spat only if it horizontally tilt, like an iron, which in principle should not be done. The thing should hang on the hanger and only so you need to use. Compare with the iron at all is not worth it, different devices and different tasks. If you need quickly and something simple fits. Delivery is fast, the packing is good, it looks very decent-it is possible for a gift. Thank you seller!

  6. D***a

    Bought for 1591 rubles, came in a week, packed well, nothing is broken, everything is new, everything works, no defects are found, the only thing that is wrong. I had to order an adapter for Kazan Express. In the photo I will show everything. And so I advise everyone. A good device, for how much I do not know.

  7. E***a

    Delivery lightning) 11 ordered 15 received! However, the box seemed to kick all the way! But everything works and everything works.
    The steamer works well, I liked it, very comfortable, with light fabrics copes with Hurray, with cotton so-so, but I bought dresses and skirts. Thank you seller! I recommend to buy.

  8. M***a

    Well, it’s not orignal, ale Duge is good, that yakysna Kopia, the way his robot can handle 100%. Rasha Parasha, Putler Hu… Lo!!!

  9. g***r

    Everything is original. Yakisniy, priemniy in the robot, Diego. I recommend) I sell uncle

  10. N***v

    The parcel arrived quickly as promised. The package is slightly dented, not critical, the shape is not broken. After opening the primary packaging on the box, I found that the control tape was cut, which means it was opened, maybe for testing! In general, everything is neatly laid and nothing is damaged. I haven’t checked the work yet! I think everything will be fine! Seller Thank you!????

  11. A***v

    Good steamer. Quality material. Delivered in 7 days. Докупкой satisfied. Advise seller

  12. A***a

    The delivery is very fast, I ordered it on December 29, I received it on January 4) the box has been in combat operations, but the steamer itself is very intact, the parcel has put a good adapter on our plug and the package was beef, still included a brush head and a white glove on a woman’s handle, I barely pulled it on my own. As it works unevenly, and I can’t understand it normally or not, from time to time it starts to soar strongly for a second or two.

  13. A***a

    Arrived exactly on time in the checkpoint 5 ki. the package was dented but the goods are whole. By the way, the adapter for the Russian sockets was put to me, thank you for a hundred

  14. a***a

    A great steamer. Plastic is nice, collected by the norm. The wire is soft, thick, there is a Velcro tie. It generates steam, in the course of work the case heats up, the burnt plastic does not stink 🙂 it is convenient to put this version on the table (there is a version without a built-in stand). Included a brush head (the instructions say what for wool) and one glove. The seller for some reason, maybe just in case, put the second adapter on the euro socket.

  15. j***a

    The device is great, the spouse uses almost every day. Satisfied with what I got!

  16. K***o

    Do not marvel at duzha beat the box the goods, everyone is good. Viglahuy chitko!

  17. T***a

    It’s not Xiaomi, it’s norame 🙂
    Still, it’s a great thing for 1500red, steamed a cotton shirt, easy to use and quickly heats steam.

  18. Y***k

    Xiaomi quality, the shirt was steamed without problems, although the iron seems to me faster. Bought for his wife, let him use it, well, in principle, you can take with you on business trips and vacations.

  19. Elektronik HR Shopper

    I don’t know if it’s original or fake, but the product is of the highest quality. Most likely a sub-brand of the marketplace Xiaomi. Feels like unpacking your smartphone. The box is a little crumpled, but the product is in integrity. The plug is European, so you need to choose the one that is required. Poured distillate and already checked-the product works perfectly. It is not true that at a water level of less than half the goods do not work-everything works, evaporates water to zero. Drove for a long time, almost 2 months.

  20. K***a

    Overall, I liked it. In appearance and in work very, very pleasant! One wire braid is worth something .. just tactile Nyasha. Perhaps steams some places imperfectly, but not critical, he still does 95% work. Heats up quickly, steam goes well. Sometimes spits, but this is not water, but the same release (“spit”) of steam. Now it is hoped that it will serve and not break soon. I do not plan to use often. Thanks to the seller. Adapter included, all OK.

  21. v***l

    A lovely steamer. Came in a week. All included. Made of natural fabric, the men’s shirt was quickly ironed. Much faster than an iron. Generally do not like iron. This steamer is a find.

  22. V***n

    There has never been a steamer, so an X, like a norm.

  23. L***u

    nice!!! small and cute yet does the job!
    I want to get rid of my old steamer iron for long time, so I got this one. it’s easy enough to install, use and result is amazing!!
    the water tank goes in in the second pic position, and then you just twist it clock-wise you will hear a click sound when its locked in position. once plug in the indicator light is blinking, then you can push the steamer button once to let it heat up.
    after about 30S it is ready to use. I took one shirt to test it(pic3 before and pic 4 after). I originally have full tank, after I finish this shirt there are around 4/5 tank of water just for your reference.
    overall I love it, I don’t have a lot of clothes that requires ironing, I guess if you have a lot then you might need to fill the water tank

  24. A***V

    A great thing. Very enjoyed using. The seller put the adapter in high quality. Cord length 1,5 meters. There is a Velcro tie for the Assembly of the power cord. Original Xiaomi

  25. m***h

    Very lightweight and comfortable steam well thick fabric is generally excellent

  26. D***o

    Good steamer! My wife is satisfied, compact and strong enough, T-shirts, jeans and other things with a bang, I coped without problems even with a long demi-season coat

  27. i***a

    Works fine, no complaints, it was packed well. The results of the first use can be seen in the photo. Included an adapter for our sockets

  28. K***Z

    We have been using the steamer for a month now, it is horoooooh! I like both the design and the way it works.
    It’s super-nice to hold in your hand.

    The tank is easily disconnected and attached. It seems to become a little magnetized when attached.
    One filling is enough for me for 2 T-shirts approximately.

    Of course, the steamer is unlikely to replace the iron, but something not too much hushed steals well!

    The delivery was fast.
    There is an instruction in the kit, according to which everything is clear. Also includes a steamer brush and a protective glove.

  29. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Vidparyuvach is super, light, hot, the cord is super tactile, the nozzle for the vidparyuvach is wrong, the box is really dented, everything is packed, everything is in bags. Decylka was snarled once, vidparyuk jeans, satin, lion, Chauk enough, just finding a short purchase, I started for the last hour, not regret it. I think it’s a little bad with my brothers in the country, even more compact.

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