MAXSUN Gaming Combo Terminator B550M + Ryzen 5 5600G + 16GB DDR4

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Matična ploča: MAXSUN Terminator B550M
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G [bez hladnjaka]
RAM: DDR4 3200MHz 8GB x2 = 16GB

Očekivani datum dostave: 05.06.2024 - 21.06.2024
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2x DDR4 3200MHz 8GB, AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, MAXSUN Terminator B550M



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  1. V***a

    Setup is up and running, so items are legit

  2. A***v

    It seems to be fine, the box came crumpled, but inside it’s whole, it works without problems. I don’t know why some buyers complain about audio drivers or spoiled ozone in their reviews. If anything happens in the near future, I will add feedback, so far everything is super!

  3. V***a

    Loved the product, everything arrived well packed and super new. I just had a setback to Update bios but everything is perfect

  4. K***t

    Came exactly as described Super recommend came much more well packed no problem so far runs games in the Utra, even without the video card. A lot of cost benefit

  5. S***v

    Mother is excellent, started up immediately without dancing. Put NVMe 4.0 fangxiang 1tb, split into sections C,D,E 150 GB on C and D, rest E. But the crystalldiskmark utility showed a reading speed of 3750 MB/s. It turned out to be in the R5 5600G processor that goes in this kit and which has a revision of the PCI-E 3.0. When I put the R5 5600x from which the editors PCI-E the 4.0 disc started working at full speed. I quote the screenshot. Therefore, my opinion (purely personal and of course for lovers of a good upgrade) to buy separately. I recommend everyone who is satisfied with these parameters, for this price a wonderful kit. I did not accelerate, and the radiators are cold in the drain. By the way, there are many different sets and separately in the official maxsun store. There is a choice and a good choice. The seller thanks. By the way, at the request, he stitched the most recent Bios

  6. L***o

    Veryooo top!!! 19 days day of purchase!!

  7. G***o

    So far everything has come as agreed and it really appears to be all new, I still haven’t been able to test because other pieces are missing! In the most excellent store always answered all doubts! I always had the proper support of the store! I recommend it to everyone!

  8. A***o

    The image illustration, which is the advertisement shows a “box” Ryzen 5 5600G, however the product that came was a “CPU” Ryzen 5600G (did not come the cooler), for showing a “box” implies that it comes, apart from the absence of the cooler, the product checks the description. Motherboard detail does not read the “GPU” without an update of “bios”, (i. e., its Ryzen 5 5600G does not use the built-in video).

  9. v***v

    Arrived quickly and everything very packed, I have not installed it on my computer yet, but I believe it will work perfectly

  10. T***a

    Great mother card works well with Ram and processor delivery speed only 20 days

  11. a***f

    Trusted Seller nice and good price also fast shipping . All items very good condition and working

  12. J***a


  13. A***s

    Very good arrived on time very good product top Super recommend well packed

  14. J***s

    It took a long time to arrive, I was taxed on 60% else came to be right and getting away I was taxed because it was declared worth 209 dollars Ala ……

  15. K***e

    Arrived in perfect condition, nothing dinkled and everything working, I didn’t have to update Bios or anything.
    The only problem I had is that it was not recognizing my SSD, only recognized when I installed windows on it using wintohdd. 0 rate

  16. O***o

    I liked it a lot, now I’m going to ride it, I was taxed at R$ 125,00, but it was worth it.

  17. a***v

    Arrived quickly and in full until four stars tested no cooling system on the processor

  18. Elektronik HR Shopper

    It has 2.0 tmp (compatible with win11) and comes with pre-installed bios, 5 stars as it came protected and everything correct and functional

  19. J***s

    Very well packed I did not arrive very fast but I arrived great the very attentive seller is already working

  20. O***o

    Products well packed, shipping and receiving was fast, I will test soon.

  21. M***s

    I managed to get it, the postman had the audacity to say that it was delivered but it was not, after some complaints, they managed to track and send it to a central here close to home, everything came packed, even more, and I’ll ask a friend of mine to ride with me, then I’ll come back and tell you more

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