LAFLY X3 električni bicikl (integrirana felga)

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Brdski električni bicikl
Snage motora 250W | 500W | 1000W
Jačine baterije 10.4Ah | 12.8Ah | 14.5Ah
26″ rama od aluminijske legure
Sklopiv za lakši transport
Prednja vilica s amortizacijom
Multifunkcionalni LCD zaslon
Shimano 21 brzina
Prednja i zadnja hidraulična kočnica
Litij-ionska baterija automobilske razine
50km dometa samo na bateriji
CST 26″*1.95 gume
Prednje LED i stražnje stop svjetlo
Prednji i zadnji blatobran

Očekivani datum dostave: 28.05.2024 - 05.06.2024
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Snaga motora

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LAFLY X3 električni bicikl (integrirana felga), Prednji i zadnji blatobran, Punjač, Stražnja nogara


Nema naplate PDV-a na carini, PDV je uključen u cijenu, Proizvod se šalje iz EU skladišta

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  1. Elektronik HR Shopper

    very nice bike. We were not disappointed. Even though I weigh 90kg, my wife and I bought two bikes black and white. I will travel with my wife and bicycle. But very effective. Very well packaged and very friendly seller. Highly recommended if you are on a tight budget.

  2. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The product is as described by the seller. No misleading, misleading or hidden surprises. The bike has great value and the delivery was fast, I received the package in a week. When wrapping the gift of CNOOC accessories, you can expect some parts to change over time, but this is a perfect first bike. Powerful engine that works very quietly. The pedal pod is very sensitive. Bright lights, decent speakers installed inside. Surprisingly, the air pump works well. My rear brake calipers broke from the box, I reported this to the seller and the seller responded within seconds (!) to make sure I sent spare calipers. I am very happy with this purchase! I can recommend this seller and the bicycle.

  3. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The bike is better than expected, WITH a very fast delivery time and simple assembly, with nice accessories and gifts. Communication with the seller is very pleasant, he always responds very quickly and solves any problems, which is highly recommended by a seller of trust

  4. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The bicycle is well packed and can be easily and quickly assembled by two people. Is solid, looks good with 26-inch wheels and premium construction. Whether on the beach or on the street, this bike walks and has great versatility. The initial take-off speed is adequate, the battery life is extended with the assistance of the pedal, and the shock absorbers provide a comfortable ride. My friends are envious of my choice and wish they had chosen this bike because of its cost and handling. I would recommend this bicycle

  5. D***i

    Excellent bike, powerful, reliable, well built and looks good!

  6. R***a


  7. P***s

    Very good equipment. For the price nowhere to get cheaper. Very good seller, fulfills all wishes. I ‘d buy from him again.

  8. Elektronik HR Shopper

    top quality product, seller and price. highly recommended

  9. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Thank you seller, thank you very much for the great offer, this is a super bike, very nice, everything is fine, thank you seller for the great communication from beginning to end, so if you want a bike please contact this seller, delivery very fast so for this seller and the bike

  10. D***e

    Excellent quality price ratio front fork not very good quality

  11. Elektronik HR Shopper

    I purchased the wrong bike I contacted the seller to replace my bike with 27.5 inch spoked wheels 17ah I am so happy I received the package. I finished the assembly this morning and I won’t hide it from you, the hardest part was adjusting the fenders afterwards, it wasn’t very complicated but there were no instructions in the already opened box. The seller sent the PDF file instructions and was very serious and efficient! Thanks to the seller for the small gifts, {pump, multi-purpose tool, fender, rear rack. helmet. Mobile phone holder, tool bag, lock},

  12. Elektronik HR Shopper

    I loved the price and the reviews, the customer service and the delivery of the bicycle were excellent, I contacted the seller to get me a 27.5 inch 17ah blank replacement model LAFLY kept me informed about the delivery and answered all my questions in seconds. Questions inside. Unpacking a bike is so easy that I don’t need instructions and I’m not an expert. All you need to do is fit the handlebar, front wheel and front fender! The best is the quality of the bike. You can immediately see and feel the quality of the work. I’m very happy about this. The engineers did a great job. In addition, the other parts that come with the bike are great, especially the pump, the LED light in the front is very bright and has a horn 🙂 I just tested it and it is quite fast. Really fast. Driving in a straight line at 45 kilometers per hour, weight 90 kilograms!

  13. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Yes, I am very happy with the new purchase and it works perfectly. I had some concerns at first, but overall I solved the problem with the help of the company. I am very happy and at the same time I would like to thank the lafly store for all the help provided. I recommend this company and they take it very seriously in keeping you up to date with the news that comes up. I give five stars. Good luck to all colleagues, do not worry, you are right.

  14. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The bike is better than expected, the delivery time is very fast, easy to assemble and there are many accessories and gifts🎁. Communication with the seller is very pleasant. If there is a problem, it always responds quickly and solves it. Is a reliable seller worth recommending..

  15. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Thank you very much to the seller. The motorcycle is like the picture and I like it very much, the delivery came a little bit later than I expected, but it was worth the wait. Well packed. Recommend products and sellers. Well, great bike, highly recommended, just perfect.

  16. A***s

    Puiki kokybė, padaryta Labai apgalvotai IR słžiningai. gal Kiek suncok, bet važiėti Juo tikras malonumas, Tinka IR aukštaūgiams. rekoduoju.. At 4D.

  17. j***a

    Duge cool thing! I’m happy! Light in the coristuvanni!

  18. C***e

    Reverse mounted fork broken rear fend fend

  19. R***a

    Labai greitai 4dienos pardavėjas malacius dviratis kokybiškas lb ekomenduoju!

  20. Elektronik HR Shopper

    The bike is really beautiful (better than the photos) and exactly matches the description. Components seem to be of high quality, and a professional approach to their creation is felt. As for the maximum speed and range, I still have to check this. At the moment I have accelerated to 45 km/h in auxiliary mode. As promised, it only took 7 working days to get delivered to me. Fortunately, it turned out to be whole and almost completely assembled with all the necessary tools. All accessories (gifts) are also there. The service is great. The seller was very responsible, friendly and helpful from the very beginning. I was also advised the best payment method as there may be differences depending on the currency chosen. In General, I think this is a great bike for its price. And the service is wonderful. Strongly recommended.

  21. a***r

    Delivery was in time, I didn’t put it together yet, but looks very stable and high quality

  22. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Easy to Assemble. The folded size fits perfectly into the trunk of a sedan. Long battery life and fast charging. Equipped with five modes of service pedal, it is very useful in climb. The thick tires provide additional absorption of shocks and can be used as a mountain bike.

  23. Elektronik HR Shopper

    This bike is really great, much better than I expected, it is solid, fast and the battery power is really good and lasts longer than most, I will definitely buy one next summer.

  24. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Thanks to the seller for upgrading to a 1000w model for me. Great bike. There’s plenty of torque at launch, which makes things much easier. Comes with a mobile phone holder with USB charging port. Electrical noise warning. In my opinion, the rear brake light warns. Three-seven day delivery, package arrived in very good condition. I recommend this purchase. Thanks again.

  25. Elektronik HR Shopper

    I ride this bike several times a week. It’s one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is sturdy and has great suspension, great for mountain biking, and cycling on the roads too. The pedal assist is perfect. The battery is long lasting. I recommend that everyone buy one and get outside and cycle!

  26. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Thanks to the seller for recommending me the bike 1000w 17ah 27,5 inches. Delivery was very fast. It only took 7 days to receive the bike. There are also many accessories and gifts in the package. Customer service is very dedicated and answered all my questions. Battery life longer than expected, the speed can reach 48km per hour, very good shopping experience, wait another 2 months and I will order again for your family, I recommend this seller and this bike,

  27. Elektronik HR Shopper

    First of all, the seller is very nice and attentive, but the bike is well packaged and everything works well. Although I prefer mounted fenders, there is an additional Fender. A helmet, bag and user manual are also great items. If you want to carry passengers, buy a cushion for the luggage carrier. The mobile phone holder can also charge your mobile phone. It has a very compact design with independent taillights, the headlights are super bright and the horn is fine. Not too noisy and not too quiet. Overall, the bike feels pretty solid and everything works well in any case,

  28. F***n

    Very nice bike… very quickly mounted… more than trying it… lacks a detailed notice… Damage

  29. Elektronik HR Shopper

    V I managed to try it out at 7 km and it turned out to be perfect and the engine worked very well. I’m sure I need to test it more and drive more kilometers on it, but so far I highly recommend this bike to anyone considering buying an electronic

  30. L***K

    I received the bike in 12 days in perfect condition. Assembling it was easy. It is much more beautiful than the photos. I tried it and it is very good and strong in its driving behavior. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting one. What I would like more to have, are detailed instructions on the settings you can make to adjust it to your own preferences. The only thing I should say is not to combine 26inch bike with 17ah battery. This battery goes with 27inch bike. The seller is a very good professional. I will come back with more details in his evaluation and photos of the bike!!

  31. J***n

    I received the bike well I will try it I think I would be satisfied

  32. Elektronik HR Shopper

    An e-bike that is well equipped, has a nice design, sells well, and is patient with its customers. If you are interested in this bike, you can buy it without hesitation. Everything is well protected and easy to assemble. If you need an installation video, you can ask this buyer and you’ll get an answer quickly.

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