AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

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Budget friendly Ryzen 3 serija
4 jezgre
4 threada
3.5GHz base
3.7GHz boost
AM4 socket
Zadani TDP 65W
14nm FinFET
Otključan za overclockanje

Očekivani datum dostave: 05.06.2024 - 21.06.2024
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AMD Ryzen 3 2200G



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  1. c***r

    Purchase Council

  2. G***e

    Excellent seller

  3. J***e

    Working 100%, only recommend!

  4. E***s

    Great processor and an absurd power. Arrived in perfect condition. I set up together with a Biostar a320m, it worked perfectly and for my happiness it ran a lot of games and a lot of them today. Valorant, CS, Resident Evil 2, 3 and 4, Dead by Daylight, God of War. For those who think about starting the basics of PC Gamer Super recommend this processor and the interesting case you want to get a better processor in the future you will not need to change motherboard. Super recommend

  5. F***a

    Excellent Product

  6. W***o

    Arrived in great condition, without crooked pins.

  7. L***o

    I received the order as the description, it is working smoothly. Great cost/benefit.

  8. p***r

    Very satisfied it worked from first 1 day with it already, it took a little time to arrive almost 30 days in my city

  9. j***r

    I have not tested yet because the Mobo has not arrived yet, but apparently it is semi-new, almost no brand of use

  10. k***r

    Product well packed and delivery period was fast. I have not tested, but it seems to be in excellent condition.

  11. V***i

    I have not tested it yet, but it arrived a lot before the deadline. It came very well packed

  12. A***a

    Came well packed and no pins crooked just took a while to arrive more highly recommend!

  13. E***o

    Everything arrived right, very good fast the seller recommend

  14. V***s

    Very good

  15. t***r

    Loved my performance in Nogo increased by 100% recommend

  16. n***r

    Amazing, working perfectly, looks new, recommend

  17. T***s

    I haven’t tested it yet but it arrived pretty fast

  18. D***z

    Arrived well packed everything as agreed. I recommend it.

  19. r***o

    Arrived before the deadline, with thermal paste and in perfect condition (no crooked pin)

  20. H***r

    Very good

  21. M***l

    Arrived in exact 20 days, well protected and apparently no pin crooked, I am satisfied.

  22. L***S

    Processor arrived well packed and according to the established time. It’s working really well and I hope it stays that way. If at some point I will buy another processor, I will definitely buy from this seller.

  23. r***s

    It and very well maintained it does not have scratched and and very beautiful

  24. H***a

    Arrived on time very well packed, the processor looks new, tested and it’s working perfectly!!!

  25. d***n

    it came. i haven’t tested it yet because it isn’t compatible with my mother board but my mother board is coming soon.

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