AMD FX-8300 Black Edition

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Popularna AMD FX Black Edition serija
8 jezgri
8 threadova
3.3GHz base
4.2GHz boost
AM3+ socket
Otključan za overclockanje

Očekivani datum dostave: 05.06.2024 - 21.06.2024
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AMD FX-8300 Black Edition



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  1. D***r

    The product arrived in 20 days and working perfectly.

  2. L***a

    I am satisfied with the processor, it arrived fast and right. Is installed and operative. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you.

  3. A***a

    So far everything is right working well arrived in ten calendar days

  4. V***u

    I flew into Brest in 20 days. Works, as described.

  5. I***a

    30 days to arrive in Macapá/AP and arrived well packed. There was a delay in dispatch but nothing too big. I haven’t done the tests yet, then I leave additional comment.

  6. А***в

    I do not regret that I ordered from this seller, I chose for a long time and here it is quite a bit more expensive but for that quality packaging, but for that everything is whole, nothing is bent, there is a check stamp, well done to keep it, the seller is super. The processor immediately turned on the GHz 3.55 in the standard acceleration, the temperature is simple 35 °, did not measure in the game, but even warm did not blow from the system unit.

  7. A***o

    I have been using it for 2 weeks without any problem, it arrived with 10 in the Holy Spirit. Can buy without fear.

  8. j***s

    Excellent!! Pass from one fx-6300 to the fx-8300 and improve fps in games.
    I arrived earlier than expected.

  9. W***v

    Everything works, they put it-the computer immediately recognized it. A normal product for this price.

  10. R***o

    For now everything OK. Arrived fast and came very well packed.

  11. V***s

    It took me a few days to publish my review! I am very pleased with the purchase, processor in the state again, I ran a battery of severe tests and passed with praise on everyone, it presents an excellent performance and the basic cooler is holding without any overheating, if you have a good Motherboard this processor will give a good breath in the heavier tasks.

  12. Elektronik HR Shopper

    Everything arrived right, maintained, working well, still came a little thermal paste, thank you.

  13. A***v

    Installed in computer, works! Seller Thank you! Arrived in 16 days!

  14. O***v

    Most got up and started up without problems. The seller handsome sent and packed perfectly

  15. I***i

    Arrived in 10 working days the product, it has some brands of use but it is an excellent processor is great so far and came well packed! Came up with a little thermal paste, in the third image is already with the folder kkkk

  16. M***e

    Arrived well before the deadline, all right and well packed. I ‘ve done the tests and you’re in line. Very good

  17. L***a

    Thanks for the service. .. I am very pleased with the 8300 FX processor. Arrived very quickly and was well packed. Is already installed and worked right.

  18. J***a

    Seems to be good. I will test it soon.

  19. l***r

    Arrived right

  20. P***H

    In 23 days, on the Whiglyad yak Novy, having inserted the computer, I started to start. Batches of skilki pratsyuvatime

  21. F***y

    Came well packaged processor worked perfect, all great recommend

  22. 2***r

    Bought for 2349 rubles. For a long time the truth was already possible to say. Simple 8300 bu processor. Working, the legs are intact.

  23. A***i

    For 3 days delayed the promised delivery, but everything came and works, and I liked the fact that they put the bag with thermal paste, or I ordered the paste has not arrived yet, so I am glad that they put it, thank you.

  24. M***V

    Received quickly. Came in less than 15 days. Haven’t checked yet

  25. I***v

    Arrived quickly. Contacts are all whole and straight, appearance is excellent. Installed, the system quickly recognized it, tested it, all norms. In load 52 grad Max.

  26. C***s

    Has already come close to the agreed date. I have already installed and for now it is working.

  27. F***a

    Excellent product, very good packaging. Within the agreed times.

  28. I***z

    Everything came right working right, I will continue using this week to have more details.

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